Russian Leonberger Club show on May 19, 2019

Rua Soleil at the main Club show of the year:Rua Soleil - Best kennelRua Soleil Habanera Karmen (Meni) - Club Champion, BOSRua Soleil Adonis Gold of Primavera (Goldy) - Junior Club Champion, Best JuniorRua Soleil Barolo Bliss (Balou) - Best babyRua Soleil Beaujolais Beatrice (Bo) - Best female babyAngelkingdom Surprise Be My Lucky - Best veteranAngelkingdom Surprise Queen of Hearts - Best Veteran femaleRua Soleil Edelweiss Angie - exc 2, open classRua Soleil Fleur de Lis - exc 3, Club champion classRua Soleil Monna Lawinia Ou Girls - exc 4, Club champion classJadore-Bailoo de la Legende du Chene - exc 2, champion classThank you, the judges - Kerry Rushby and Daniel Krebes for the excellent job.Thank you my dear Rua Soleil team for presenting your dogs and great team spirit!Thank you Rita for showing the best of our leos!